Paper Shooting Lane

20 yard indoor lane

20 yard indoor paper shooting lanes supporting up to 7 shooters at a time. The original lane is built upon Rinehart’s brick wall shooting system, and our newest 20 yard lane is made of delta’s newest Mo’ Foam. Both are supported by our friendly and highly knowledgeable staff. The shooting rate in these lanes is just $5 a day. Rental equipment is available upon request for an additional $10/hr. arch-thumb


Book TechnoHUNT


Our NEW TechnoHUNT system is sure to impress all archers! We have just installed an all new TechnoHUNT TH400. The next generation of interactive archery shooting systems. For those of you used to the older system, prepare to be amazed. Our new system also has different game modes to choose from. You can play darts or tic-tac-toe with a friend. Go on an African safari, or shoot at the pesky insect scum that plague all of our camping trips.

TechnoHUNT is an interactive shooting experience that will keep you guessing and wanting more! This lane is 20 yards long and can support up to 6 players at a time. Using your own bow and arrows, you will shoot at different scenes from around the world. Choose from deer, elk, big game, small game, Alaskan, African, or mix it up with a bit of everything. Each player is scored on their shot placement taking into account angles and obstacles. At just $28/hr ($14 1/2hr), it’s an affordable way to have some fun! This lane is reservable anytime that we’re open, and walk ins are welcome as well.  So for a new archery challenge, or for a good time out, give our TechnoHUNT a try!

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