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There are three NFAA & USA Archery certified instructors at Dewclaw Archery. We offer one on one lessons to anyone who is interested in archery, as well as classes for those that are more comfortable in a group setting.
From beginners to advanced, we teach proper shooting form from the ground up. It is never too early to introduce archery to your children, we have seen a passion for the sport in kids as young as 3! And don’t think it’s ever too late either, we have had many customers think that shooting a bow would be too hard, but advances in archery technology (and good ‘ol exercise!) make archery fun for everyone!
One on one lessons are $50.00/hour and can be scheduled below.
All of our one on one lessons are custom tailored to each individual archer, because you don’t have to do everything perfectly, you just have to do things consistently!

So no matter where you may be in your archery endeavors, we are always here to help. We offer private lessons by appointment only.

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Whether you’re new to archery or have been shooting for years, shooting with others is often more exciting and a great opportunity to learn.

Our open shoot nights welcome archers of all levels to get together and enjoy the sport. There is always an instructor on hand to help new shooters or provide tips and insights for those with more experience.

These nights are relaxed with no real agenda besides shooting some arrows!

Group classes will also be available from time to time. The content covered in each class will vary to allow for a good learning experience for all levels.

Class topics and availability change often, so check back from time to time for updated class info.

Got a great idea for a class, or something you can’t wait to dive into?  Shoot us an email and let us know! We want to teach you what you want to learn!

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